Charlestown Housing Authority

About Us

The Charlestown Housing Authority (CHA) is an agency whose 7-member Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Mayor of Charlestown and are responsible for assisting in governing the Housing Authority.

Current Board Members:
  • Pamela Ballard - Chairwoman of the Board
  • Betty Buckner - Vice-Chairwoman of the Board
  • Saundra Johnson - Commissioner
  • Melissa Crawford - Commissioner
  • Wink Bowen - Commissioner
  • John Heal - Commissioner
  • Anthony Yates - Resident Commissioner

The Charlestown Housing Authority (CHA) is committed to providing quality affordable housing and strives to enhance the lives of our residents and promote their independence and self-sufficiency.

The CHA continues to be committed to individuals and families with disabilities, the homeless, the elderly, veterans, those affected by domestic violence and those who have cost burdens who lack the resources to find stable housing. The CHA keeps an open line of communication with the public to help those in need find all available resources to serve as a bridge to a better quality of life.

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Charlestown Housing Authority is to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing for any family or individual in need; while providing a home that engages in a better quality of life and encourages economic self-sufficiency and personal growth.